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Opsonin Pharma Ltd. started its production operations on 3500 square feet of space with a workforce of 25 people in Bagura Road, Barisal five decades ago. Today, OPL operates on 350,000 square feet of manufacturing area with 4000 stakeholders and about 500 items of 6 different dosage forms; Opsonin Group employs more than 6000 people. OPL makes use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that make use of simulation tools to systematically design and optimize processes for large scale commercial productions.

Being a national company, we have some social commitments to meet. Apart from the business, we want fruitful, lasting interactions in terms of quality with our people. We have fully dedicated Product Development (PO) Laboratory for development of new products. All new products are made as lab batches and pilot batches in appropriately sized machineries before starting the commercial production. Opsonin's Product Development Laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machineries.

Quality Assurance (QA) procedures ensure that the quality of products are maintained in strict compliance with international pharmacopoeias' (BP, USP and EP) specifications on raw materials, packaging materials and finished product