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Opsonin Pharma Ltd. (OPL) develops, manufactures and markets generic medicines for human use. Our value-added products improve the quality of life of people In Bangladesh as well as abroad and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives. OPL has been known for long as a provider of quality medicines at affordable prices. Opsonin has for long been established and recognized as one of the leading, progressive and modern pharmaceutical companies in the country. Opsonin is committed to contribute to the national healthcare sector to a great extent and strengthen its global presence. Modern sophisticated machineries and highly qualified and skilled professionals in all concerned departments at Opsonin Pharma Ltd. have made Opsonin unique in the pharmaceutical sector. Opsonin Pharma Ltd is committed to improve its position continuously as a Leading Pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and strengthen its global presence. The company is now manufacturing 281 brands with 670 SKUs as Pharmaceutical finished products. We also manufacturing animal health products & consumer products under Agrovet Unit & Opsonin Consumer limited respectively.


Integrating the visionary imagination for basic industrial development in this country by our Founder Chairman Late Abdul Khaleque Khan, his successors have already established a number of innovative and import substitute industrial units mainly In pharmaceuticals and related sectors.

The seed that was planted in the year 1956 now has become a tree. The path we walked through was not a smooth and plain one. From the inception, we always believed in nation-building activities. Our cherished dream is to serve mankind, and the man behind the mankind This dream has become a reality as a result of a thousand miles walk by few thousand people.

In the year of 1956 partnership business of Opsonin Chemical Industries started its journey. In the year of 1962, it started manufacturing of injectable. Then in 1976 it was enlisted as a private limited company. In 1980 it expanded nationwide marketing & distribution of medicines. In 1982 it started manufacturing of antibiotic capsules. In 1985, Opsonin started export of products to South East Asia and the Middle East. In 1996, started manufacturing of suppositories first time in Bangladesh. In 1997, started manufacturing of soft gelatin capsules. In 2000 'Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd obtained ISO 9001 certification. In 2003 'Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd developed its site and planning for new factory. In 2005 the name has changed from 'Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd.' to 'Opsonin Pharma Ltd. In 2006 Opsonin Pharma Ltd commenced construction of state-of-the art pharmaceutical formulations factory at Rupatoli, Barisal on 71 acres land. In 2010, Introduced LVP (large Volume Parenteral) through dedicated world class manufacturing facilities. In 2011 it formulated Opsonin Group comprising five different concerns under the Leadership of Opsonin Pharma Ltd. In 2012 it introduced Nasal Preparation in the market and followed by ophthalmic product in 2014.

Vission & Mission

The vision of Opsonin, since its inception, is to derive and deliver such medicines where are the primary requisites for every human being in day to day life. Not only that OPSONIN has been dedicating itself to innovate remedies of any newly identifies disease and to reach at the remotes corner of the county immediately to achieve the necessary curing and prevention. In a nutshell, OPSONIN is there to ensure the improved human life.

Opsonin is committed to improve its position continuously as a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh and strengthen its global presence. Opsonin creates value for its consumers and other stakeholders by providing highest quality health care solutions through appropriate application and development of resources and processes.

Late Abdul Khaleque Khan. my father. was the man behind Opsonin Pharma Ltd. A man capable of imaginative. critical thinking and vision, had in his mind, from his very student life, to establish a pharmaceutical industry for providing quality medicine at an affordable price, primarily to the trimming millions of his beloved motherland. His dream was further augmented when he met Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray, the founder of the Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works, Calcutta and the pioneer of the chemical Industry in undivided Bengal. A benevolent person with a simple lifestyle, my father had an enterprising spirit and was an exceptional student of Islamia College, Calcutta. His dream ultimately came true on the 3cd of March, 1956 when he started his long-cherished organization 'Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd.' in a very humble way.

I joined my father's organization in 1976, turned It into a Private Limited Company and became the Managing Director while my father remained as the Founder Chairman. From 1976 to 1986, I along with my two capable younger brothers, With good leadership qualities and organizational skills, and many other devoted colleagues assisted my father In expanding our horizon. After achieving a certain stage of success, I handed over the executive authority of our company to my distinguished younger brothers, Mr. Abdur Rouf Khan as the Managing Director, and Mr. Abdur Rakib Khan as the Executive Director in 1986. Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. was later renamed as 'Opsonin Pharma Ltd.' in 2005. I know, our road to success has not ended yet. Nevertheless, Opsonin Pharma Ltd. is proud to have a group of devoted personnel who manifests unparalleled talent, achievement and promises, regarding both professional and personal qualities, which are I'efiected in the expansion of our business to many other countries of the world besides our own. I am confident that by the grace of Allah, the Almighty. we shall continue to progress in every way and perform competitively among other top ranking pharmaceutical companies of the world.

The key factors behind our remarkable progress are: very strong product portfolio having molecules from almost all therapeutic categories, fastest introduction of new molecules in the market, and above all, the faith of our customers. We have built each of these core attributes in the last 53 years and we are confident that. They will help Opsonin continue to achieve more success in the future. Now, as we are going to step into the 54th year of operation, the company is in an excellent shape and we all are hoping to realize more & more success in the days to come. We are extremely pleased to get an opportunity to demonstrate how we conduct our business with integrity and continue to make positive contribution to the nation. We are coming up with a new manufacturing plant in Barisal on a land of over 200 acres, with state of the art technology. Combined with modern facilities which will comply with FDA, MHRA, TGA, Pies and ISPE requirements. We want to thank our employees, associates, stakeholders and all other well~ wishers for their continuous support all through the journey of Opsonin.


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Product Management

The Product Management Department of Opsonin Pharma LTD. has a significant role in transparent business operation based on knowledge based marketing within the legal and social framework. We are deeply committed to meet the needs of our customers and we constantly focus on both in house & end customer satisfaction. Product Management Department of Opsonin Pharma LTD. believes that, a successful company must work together as a team to meet the changing needs of our customers. PMD always focuses on diversified thinking, innovative plan and knowledge based product promotion to accomplish departmental objective as well as the mission of the company.


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