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Diacerein + Glucosamine Sulfate

Diacerein is an Interleukin-18 inhibitor & Glucosanine Sulfute is a supplement which produces Glycdsaminoglycam (GAG)
Mode of Action:
D,.aceer- nhrbits Interleukin-1B which is-Er-rr ensOe fur o$eoarUrritic pain & inflammation. Ir;r-wnr€ 9Jf,e proOues Gt6osaminoglycans (GAG) whichs fr mr h rg bbd of bone iint cartilage, The dual mode C m, cf Cliacerdn & Gluosamine Sulfate respectively cdlrs fr-r ard regenerate bone joint cartilage thus effectively rEd.r @artfi ritis related disorder.

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